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Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

by Samar Mohamed 05 Jul 2022 0 Comments
The most common challenges that women face are dark circles, as this area under the eyes reflects the general health, as the skin color tends to be blue sometimes and sometimes yellow.

Causes of dark circles:

1- Dry skin under the eyes.
2- Using eye make-up products that are not suitable for your skin type.
3- Exposure to sunlight
4- Lack of sleep and staying up for long hours.
5- Not drinking enough water.
6- Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks.
7- Focus on the eye.
8- Anemia due to iron deficiency.
9- Psychological stress, tension, anxiety and crying.
10- The time of a woman's menstrual cycle.

Effective tips for dark circles:

1- Get enough sleep:
The most important reason behind dark circles is not getting enough sleep, so the eyes appear rejuvenated and pale, making sure to get enough sleep at night from 6-8 hours helps in regulating blood circulation to reach, and the appearance of food for skin cells.
2- Use eye creams regularly:
Most women neglect the use of eye creams on a regular basis, but the use of eye creams is one of the most important and indispensable daily products. The needs of the skin under the eyes differ from the rest of the facial skin, as it is more sensitive, so you must choose an appropriate cream that is rich in nutrients.
3- Take adequate amounts of vitamin K
The eye area that needs special attention has more vitamin K, especially vitamin K in most eye creams and serums for paper travel and soy in your diet.
4- Eye massage:
The eye area needs to be gently massaged, taking into account not to touch the eye area. Use a little eye cream, then gently massage in circular motions. Repeat twice a week from the area where the blood appears properly in this area.
5- Keep the eyes cool and calm:
Most women are unaware that besides cucumber slices, there are many ways to cool and soothe the under-eye area, you can also use ice cubes for two minutes, repeat it two or three times during the week to get effective results.
6- Nutrition:
Develop a healthy system that contains all the agricultural elements and vitamins for the body.
7- Doing sports:
Make sure to exercise at least 3 times a week because of its role in stimulating blood circulation and reducing the appearance of dark circles.
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