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Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin

by Samar Mohamed 05 Jul 2022 0 Comments
The skin is the mirror of beauty. It is the most sensitive part of the body because it is affected by all internal and external variables. If you have sensitive skin, you can follow a skin care routine that helps you take care of it and avoid its problems.

Sensitive skin care routine:

1- Wash sensitive skin with lukewarm water:
If you have sensitive skin, avoid washing it with hot water as much as possible, and be sure to resort to lukewarm water that helps clean the pores of the skin from excessive oil secretions. When drying sensitive skin, use a clean cotton towel and dry your face gently so as not to cause irritation and redness to the skin.
2- Clean the skin:
Bacteria and pollutants in the air cling to the skin, which damages the natural lipid barrier and accumulates over time and can lead to skin irritation, so be sure to clean your skin with a suitable face wash to get rid of bacteria and accumulations. And free of ingredients that harm sensitive skin such as perfumes, disinfectants and benzoyl peroxide.
3- Remove make-up with a product suitable for sensitive skin:
You should use a makeup remover with a water-based formula or what is known as micellar water, as it purifies your skin and removes bacteria from the pores quickly, cleans the face, removes toxins, and gives you a clear and refreshed skin in addition to being free of preservatives.
4- Moisturizing the skin with a moisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin:
Use a moisturizing cream free of perfume and preservatives.
5- Applying a sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin:
Applying a sunscreen is an important step that must be applied, especially if you have sensitive skin, which is in dire need of protection from the sun's rays. So, resort to a mineral product that contains mineral elements such as titanium and zinc oxide, and avoid chemical or aromatic products that may increase skin irritation.
6- Using a toner for sensitive skin:
Applying toner in the morning and evening to the skin to remove bacteria and makeup residues and reduce large pores is important, so be sure to choose a toner free of antiseptics, artificial perfumes and chemicals, and resort to a toner based on natural antiseptics that calm the skin.
7- Applying a serum suitable for sensitive skin:
Serum plays an important role in protecting the skin, renewing cells, and promoting collagen production.
Choose a serum that calms the skin and stay away from serums that contain artificial fragrances and sulfates.
8- Applying a mask suitable for sensitive skin:
Make sure to apply a face mask that calms the skin, always look for a mask rich in natural ingredients such as avocado and chamomile. These elements work mainly to nourish the skin from the depth and illuminate it.
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