Eva Professional Hair Care E-LINE VOLUME SPRAY
Brand: eva About this item: Volume spray for hair growth 300 ml. Find the best way to increase hair volume with this weightless spray. Spray on roots and then blow dry for a natural hair volume booster, bringing hair to...
295.00 EGP
Brand: Eva About this item: This e-line intensive hydration ritual two-step regimen provides softness, elasticity, and shine to the hair. Thermal water and aloe vera quench strands and soothe the scalp when shampooing. Follow it up with our Hydra conditioner,...
585.00 EGP
Eva Professional Hair Care E-LINE SUMMER HAIR RITUAL
Brand: eva Product Type: Sun-care for your hair About this item: E-LINE SUMMER HAIR RITUAL whisks away chlorine and sea salt. Aloe Vera & Macadamia extracts. Pair with e-Line Sun Protection Oil to show your hair some extra summer love....
640.00 EGP
Mahabhringraj Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Brand: Mahabhringraj Format: Oil About this item: mahabhringraj oil is excellent in stopping hair loss and germinating hair. This medicine is most commonly used in North Indian Ayurveda practice. mahabhringraj oil improves hair strength and promotes hair growth. It prevents...
140.00 EGP
Africana NPC Mustard Oil
  Brand: Africana  Skin type: ALL Coverage: Light  Type: Hair Oil About this item: npc mustard oil Contains Beta carotene that converts into vitamin A, and is important For hair growth. Africana NPC Mustard Oil is important for hair, as...
from 59.00 EGP
Africana NPC Sweet Almond Oil
Type: Hair Oil Manufacturer: ‎ Africana NPC About this item: NPC Sweet Almond Oil Pure 100% oil, Cold-pressed and Free from chemical. sweet almond oil Contains Vitamins A &E & B6& B2 & B1 fatty acids and antioxidants benefits sweet...
85.00 EGP
75.00 EGP
Africana NPC Wheat Germ Oil
 Hair type: Dry Format: Oil Brand: Africana About this item: Extracted from wheat germ kernel fatty acids (linoleic & Omega acids), Vitamins A & D & E & several minerals.  NPC Wheat Germ Oil benefits for hair: Good for hair...
75.00 EGP
Africana NPC Olive Oil
About this item: Africana NPC Olive Oil Extra virgin & cold pressed & unrefined & pure 100% free from any additives and chemicals, not offensive odor & it’s acidity is less than 1% extracted by professional technique to maintain its...
from 55.00 EGP
Africana NPC Coconut Oil Extra Virgin
Brand: Africana Skin type: All About this item: Africana NPC Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Contains lot of fatty acids and Proteins Moisturizing for lips and skin  Used as makeup remover Treats cracks Treats grains and prevents their appearance Protein prevents...
from 58.00 EGP
425.00 EGP
Africana NPC Argan Oil
argan oil for hair is plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco .It’s called as “Liquid Gold” because it contains many health and beauty benefits. About this item: Africana NPC Argan Oil...
425.00 EGP
Emami 7 Oils in One
Sun, pollution and chemical treatment can damage your hair making them unmanageable. Emami 7 Oils in One is a unique blend of the richness of Argan, Walnut, Almond, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut and Amla oil. Infused with the power of 7...
from 85.00 EGP
sesa hair oil with Ayurvedic Herbal Extracts
Brand: sesa Format: Oil Hair type: Hair type  About this item: sesa hair oil One of the most important products for hair extension, stopping hair loss and strengthening follicles. For beautiful, long and shiny hair. The number 1 oil in...
from 150.00 EGP
220.00 EGP 190.00 EGP
Red Fox Lanolin Hair Food - 227gm
The Red Fox Lanolin Hair Food is ideal for stimulating your hair growth and making them silky and shiny. It is composed of organic ingredients that moisturize your scalp and accelerated the hair metabolism for proper growth. It is powered...
220.00 EGP 190.00 EGP
200.00 EGP
Originals Hair Mayonnaise
Brand: Africa's Best   Flavour: Mayonnaise About this item: originals hair mayonnaise by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise is enriched with Natural Botanical Herbal Extracts, Vitamins, Egg Protein and Olive Oil to deep condition and repair weak or damaged hair. American...
200.00 EGP
Africana NPC Jojoba Oil
Brand: Africana Skin type: All Material features: natural Africana offers you the first friend of the skin,The perfect solution to remove blackheads is jojoba oil egypt. About this item: Nicknamed as Desert Gold extracted from the jojoba tree & seeds...
from 85.00 EGP
205.00 EGP
Africana NPC Rosemary Oil
About this item Its benefits for hair: NPC Rosemary Oil prevents hair loss, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing the hair, and stimulates the metabolism of hair folliclesl. Getting rid of the signs of aging and transforming dull hair into...
205.00 EGP
Africana NPC Argan Oil Hair Mask
An ultra nourishing hair mask provides intensive treatment of hair and deeply moisturizes and strengthens hair fibers to retain its shiny and healthy appearance.
from 165.00 EGP
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