Skin Candy Hair & Body Perfumed Oil - Candy Fruits
Body oil is blended with natural light oil & fragrance oils. Alcohol-free. Use it on your hair to get rid of unpleasant odors and enjoy attractive and shiny hair with a sexy aroma and fragrance You can also use oil...
90.00 EGP
Skin Candy Deodorant Cream
*Ingredients: Honey wax – coconut oil – Crystal alum -lecithin powder -aqua – essential oils *How to use : after u take a shower or wash under arm , dry it and put a very small amount of it *Notice...
80.00 EGP
Skin Candy White Henna For Skin - 200g
It treats pimples and works to eliminate their effects.Helps tighten skin and eliminates wrinkles and signs of aging Body massage works to lighten the skin in general and dark areas in particular, such as the elbows, knees and neck, while...
55.00 EGP
Skin Candy Pedicure Salts - 250g
It contains rose petals, mineral sea salts rich in potassium, magnesium and some other minerals that rebuild the skin and skin again, as well as relax muscles and relieve stress and fatigue. It also contains natural oils that moisturize the...
55.00 EGP
70.00 EGP
Skin Candy Moroccan Soap
Moroccan Soap, which is called “Municipal soap” in Morocco, is one of the best options that a woman can make in caring for her skin and beauty.🍃 Soap is made of 100% natural materials, safe and also has benefits that...
70.00 EGP
70.00 EGP
Skin Candy Coffee Body Scrub
Coffee and Shea Butter Scrub ☕ For a smooth and radiant skin The coffee scrub helps to soften and lighten the skin, and while continuing to use it, it reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin because it contains Yemeni Sidr...
70.00 EGP
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