Skin Candy Deodorant Cream
*Ingredients: Honey wax – coconut oil – Crystal alum -lecithin powder -aqua – essential oils *How to use : after u take a shower or wash under arm , dry it and put a very small amount of it *Notice...
80.00 EGP
Emami Kesh King Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner
 Brand: KESH KING Hair type: All Product benefits: Conditioning About this item: Emami Kesh King Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner. Scalp & Hair Medicine,Nourishes Deeply About the Product Kesh King scalp and hair medicine anti-hair fall conditioner is a blend of Aloe...
from 140.00 EGP
Emami 7 Oils in One
Sun, pollution and chemical treatment can damage your hair making them unmanageable. Emami 7 Oils in One is a unique blend of the richness of Argan, Walnut, Almond, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut and Amla oil. Infused with the power of 7...
from 85.00 EGP
sesa hair oil with Ayurvedic Herbal Extracts
Brand: sesa Format: Oil Hair type: Hair type  About this item: sesa hair oil One of the most important products for hair extension, stopping hair loss and strengthening follicles. For beautiful, long and shiny hair. The number 1 oil in...
from 150.00 EGP
Emami Kesh King Anti Hairfall Shampoo with aloe and 21 Herbs
Brand: KESH KING Hair type: All About this item: emami kesh king anti hairfall shampoo is a proven remedy for hair and scalp problems. It been made by renowned ayurvedic experts with their extensive experience and rigorous study from aloe...
225.00 EGP from 140.00 EGP
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