Africana NPC Nourishing LeaveIn Conditioner
Nourishing Africana LeaveIn conditioner is blended with natural oils, and herbal extracts for strong, shiny and healthy hair Provides intensive care , Reduces frizz and Maintains hair moisture. With Shea butter, Argan oil & Coconut oil and natural oils: that...
155.00 EGP
305.00 EGP 235.00 EGP
Africana NPC Rich Shampoo & Argan Hair Mask
Nourishing hair mask with a German formula for men, women and children. With a unique blend of Shea Butter, Moroccan Argan Oil and Snake Oil that provides an intensive treatment to rejuvenate dry, stressed and chemically treated hair. Rich in...
305.00 EGP 235.00 EGP
Africana NPC Shea Butter Soap
*Exclusive and the first Egyptian soap produced by natural materials 100% , free from any chemicals*Manufactured under the supervision of a team of experts and specialistsComponent : Shea butter & Coconut oil & vitamin C
90.00 EGP
Africana NPC Aloe vera & Lemon Soap
It consists mainly of aloe vera gel that is beneficial for the skin; Because it contains high levels of vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals and essential elements such as sodium, selenium, magnesium, and zinc, and many amino acids and...
125.00 EGP
Africana NPC Moroccan Soap with Blue Indigo
item form: powder scent: blue nila Item weight: 300gm About this item: npc moroccan soap with blue indigo 100%Natural. moroccan soap Helps get rid of pigmentation and sagging skin. Africana NPC Moroccan Soap with Blue Indigo  Removes skin wrinkles, lightens and...
149.00 EGP
Africana NPC Moroccan Soap with Aker Fassi
item form: Oil powder unit count: 300 gram About this item: npc moroccan soap with Aker Fassi moroccan soap 100% natural, removes dirt from the body npc moroccan soap Removes toxic fats that emit bad odors from the body It...
149.00 EGP
Africana NPC Mustard Oil
  Brand: Africana  Skin type: ALL Coverage: Light  Type: Hair Oil About this item: npc mustard oil Contains Beta carotene that converts into vitamin A, and is important For hair growth. Africana NPC Mustard Oil is important for hair, as...
from 59.00 EGP
Africana NPC Castor Oil
Brand: Africana Format: Oil About this item: Africana NPC Castor Oil Omega 6 It is a vegetable oil containing a group of fatty acids such as Ricinoleic ,Oleic acid,omega-3 and linoleic acid Castor oil Benefit to the hair Africana NPC...
from 55.00 EGP
Africana NPC Sweet Almond Oil
Type: Hair Oil Manufacturer: ‎ Africana NPC About this item: NPC Sweet Almond Oil Pure 100% oil, Cold-pressed and Free from chemical. sweet almond oil Contains Vitamins A &E & B6& B2 & B1 fatty acids and antioxidants benefits sweet...
85.00 EGP
75.00 EGP
Africana NPC Wheat Germ Oil
 Hair type: Dry Format: Oil Brand: Africana About this item: Extracted from wheat germ kernel fatty acids (linoleic & Omega acids), Vitamins A & D & E & several minerals.  NPC Wheat Germ Oil benefits for hair: Good for hair...
75.00 EGP
Africana NPC Olive Oil
About this item: Africana NPC Olive Oil Extra virgin & cold pressed & unrefined & pure 100% free from any additives and chemicals, not offensive odor & it’s acidity is less than 1% extracted by professional technique to maintain its...
from 55.00 EGP
Africana NPC Coconut Oil Extra Virgin
Brand: Africana Skin type: All About this item: Africana NPC Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Contains lot of fatty acids and Proteins Moisturizing for lips and skin  Used as makeup remover Treats cracks Treats grains and prevents their appearance Protein prevents...
from 58.00 EGP
425.00 EGP
Africana NPC Argan Oil
argan oil for hair is plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco .It’s called as “Liquid Gold” because it contains many health and beauty benefits. About this item: Africana NPC Argan Oil...
425.00 EGP
Africana NPC Moroccan Soap with Olive Oil
Africana NPC Moroccan Soap with Olive Oil About this item: npc moroccan soap with olive oil 100% Natural treats the goose skin, exfoliates the dead skin, soothes and moisturizes the skin. moroccan soap eliminates all impurities. softens and nourishes the...
145.00 EGP
Africana NPC Peppermint Water
Used as a natural toner and has a cooling and refreshing effect on the skin.
78.00 EGP
Africana NPC Rich Conditioning Shampoo
Rich Conditioning shampoo Suitable for children and adults as it consists of natural ingredients and is free from sodium salts, parabens, sulfates and silicone, and does not cause tears. Conditioning shampoo is blended with natural oils, proteins and herbal extracts...
139.00 EGP
Africana NPC Jojoba Oil
Brand: Africana Skin type: All Material features: natural Africana offers you the first friend of the skin,The perfect solution to remove blackheads is jojoba oil egypt. About this item: Nicknamed as Desert Gold extracted from the jojoba tree & seeds...
from 85.00 EGP
175.00 EGP
Africana NPC Tea Tree Oil
About this item: NPC Tea Tree Oil Used as a hand sanitizer. Kills many common bacteria and viruses responsible for causing disease. NPC Tea Tree Oil antibacterial effects may help control underarm odor related to perspiration. africana npc Tea Tree...
175.00 EGP
Africana NPC Comb
About this item: Africana NPC Comb Made of African teak wood characterized by strength hardness and containing high-density oil and smoothness when used Soft on the hair Detangling with ease It helps stimulate blood circulation and increases the growth of...
65.00 EGP
65.00 EGP
Africana NPC Rose Water
Natural pure 100% Extracts from Water distillation of French rose petals. Free from Alcohol, parabens and any chemical or aromatic substances & Rich in Vitamin A & D & C & B3. Contains many minerals such as Zn, contains many...
65.00 EGP
205.00 EGP
Africana NPC Rosemary Oil
About this item Its benefits for hair: NPC Rosemary Oil prevents hair loss, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing the hair, and stimulates the metabolism of hair folliclesl. Getting rid of the signs of aging and transforming dull hair into...
205.00 EGP
Africana NPC Argan Oil Hair Mask
An ultra nourishing hair mask provides intensive treatment of hair and deeply moisturizes and strengthens hair fibers to retain its shiny and healthy appearance.
from 165.00 EGP
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